Art Rant

Doug’s Art World

It took me a long time to realize that it’s not about the technical skill or the way I can manipulateNovember2005010 the medium that make a successful piece of art. It’s all about emotion. When I create a drawing or painting that comes from deep within me I get lost within the piece. Once I get going, I will sometimes work for eight or ten hours without even a bathroom break, not even realizing the time has passed. It is like I am a bystander watching my dream come to life. It’s a great feeling and perhaps a bit magical but I think it happens to everyone who has a passion for whatever it is that they endeavor to accomplish.

The thing that I strive for in all my work is the telling of a story. My ideas for paintings come from my life experiences and observations. Whatever it is, the story of a rancher rescuing a calf in a snow storm or a horse sniffing a turtle on some sandy beach, it’s the story that’s behind the picture that makes it come alive. If I can tell the story well, then the picture becomes an experience for every viewer. The story becomes personal to each observer and something wonderful happens. There is a universal connection between artist and the spectator. That energy is what inspires me and keeps me going.



When I started drawing, most of what I did were black on white pencil drawings. Today, the majority of my pieces are done in Prisma pencil. They are a colored pencil that uses an oil base which makes it possible to blend the colors into each other much like oil painting. I also do a lot of pen and ink drawings and scrimshaw pieces. Each technique has its own challenges. But this only adds to the fun or me because I learn something new through the creation of each piece.



These then are the three elements of my artistic world. The technical aspects, the motivation and the story. It all comes together in a shared experience that we call “art”. It’s a wonderful world and I’m glad to be able to be able to have the ability and the opportunity to share my perspective throughout time.

 wood choppers_cpd